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Customer reviews are the first purchasing decision criterion for 91% of them, which is why OKO helps you easily monitor these reviews that influence the choices of your future customers.

1 in 3 reviews are false or malicious. Thanks to OKO, you can collect hundreds of certified customer reviews to enhance the reputation of your restaurant.

Reviews, although published on many different sites, are condensed, managed and accessible from a single feature of our tool.

You are in control of your online image

OKO alerts youin real time with live notification of new reviews. Daily or weekly alerts list the latest notices published.

Thanks to our unique system, we send you accurate statistics every month to follow the evolution of your e-reputation.

Discover reviews and respond to them easily from our mobile application, especially when the review is negative so that it does not harm your establishment by influencing the opinion of other Internet users.

Share the trust we have in you with just one click!

You are free to communicate on the satisfaction of your customers and the quality of your establishment by highlighting the best reviews submitted.

We show them that their feelings count: satisfaction forms are automatically sent to them after their visit.

The deposit of their opinion is facilitated thanks to a form containing keywords to select to evoke their opinion on the atmosphere, the quality of the dishes...

OKO is a partner of the largest review platforms in the world, impact them! You can stream them:
·On review platforms (Google Map, Tripadvisor, Yellow Pages...)
·On your website thanks to our widget of customer reviews.