Digitization: the key to more responsiveness and speed in customer service

OKO allows you to increase the productivity of your delivery people:

This feature exists for restaurants that have their own delivery people:

If your restaurant uses the services of delivery platforms such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo, you cannot activate this feature:

This functionality informs the restaurant that the customer wishes to be delivered. He can select this option via his online order:

The restaurant then receives a notification informing it of this request.

A digital feature

You can integrate promotions reserved for delivery, for example a product offered for a minimum purchase.

Customers are thus encouraged to consume more, which increases profit.

The delivery person has direct access to the address and the route to get there: he saves precious time and delivers faster, which increases customer satisfaction.

He only has to click on a button to call the customer directly.

He can also inform the manager in real time that the delivery has been made.