Build customer loyalty by offering them personalized experiences!

Discuss directly with your customers in order to retain them!

Our tool allows you to communicate directly and effectively with your customers and potential customers. For example, practical information or promotions can be sent to them by e-mail.

You can therefore maintain regular contact with them, create and send information as well as personalized invitations.

Our loyalty tools allow customers to be regularly kept informed of new products, promotions and events.

You have to transform satisfied customers into loyal customers by personalizing communication in your image

To retain a customer who has already come, you must remind him that we exist by regularly sharing your promotions or latest news.

OKO simplifies your communication as much as possible: you do not need any particular technical skills, in just a few minutes you can prepare an email or SMS campaign and send this message to all your customers.

No additional cost: the number of campaigns is unlimited and sendings can be scheduled at the time and date you have chosen!

OKO offers you many pre-designed campaign templates with professional design compatible with any type of support, to which you can easily integrate reservation, appointment or redirection buttons to your site!

A customer file that is automatically enriched

Your client file and its data belong entirely to you.

It is constituted and fed automatically by online reservations and appointments. It is also possible to import your customer list.

Customer preferences can be specified in order to welcome them in a personalized way and thus better retain them!

OKO provides you with an automatic segmentation of your customer file (regulars, VIPs, etc.) to adapt the communications sent.

The offers and promotions are highlighted.