Develop new modes of consumption for more profit!

Click & collect, a new mode of consumption developed in the face of the crisis

The take-out sale is a result of the diversification of sources of income linked to the health crisis

It allows to maintain a link with its customers and to maintain employment

It's a quick and easy solution to set up.

A simple and engaging experience

Orders are taken directly online on the website that we have created for you.

Online payment is simplified and secure.

Notifications are sent with each new order. For the customer, a notification sms and/or e-mail is sent with the status of the order.

The menus are managed as you wish.

You are the master of your services and activity schedules.


Easy to use: everything is managed from a single platform (orders, reservations, menus, etc.)

Cost-effective: The management of take-out sales and reservations is done from the same software, which is more practical and less expensive.

Encourages loyalty: customers who order fill out a form that registers them directly in the customer database, so they can then be prospected.

Grants more visibility: our solution references the restaurant on online ordering platforms around you, which increases the number of orders.