Protect your customers by offering them a safe and pragmatic contactless experience

A contactless experience

The health crisis is pushing us to offer contactless secure payment methods in order to protect customers.

This is why OKO offers you a digital menu. To consult it, nothing could be simpler! Simply scan a QR code from your smartphone

Customers who have booked automatically receive the menu on their smartphone

Passing customers can scan a QR code or enter a link to access the menu. They can thus consult the entire map from their mobile

Online ordering and payment

Thanks_to our interactive solution, customers can now order and pay directly from their mobile if they wish.

Very long waits are thus avoided, the information is sent directly to the kitchen and we maximize customer satisfaction!

The bill is sent directly to your customers' mobile at the end of the meal

All they have to do is enter their credit card number or use a card already registered at the time of booking

The payment is 100% secure by our banking partner!

Contactless payment and ordering can operate as an independent system from the checkout or be connected according to the available integrations with our partners

Orders are integrated into customer files for better knowledge and customer loyalty